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5 Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) Your Business Needs

5 Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) Your Business Needs

GRJ StaffOwing to the current pandemic situation, most organizations have partially closed their offices by enabling work from home for their employees. But as the situation is getting better in most areas, people are coming back to offices under strict SOPs imposed by their local government.

People are not allowed to gather in groups, and all the safety precautions have been made mandatory that can lead to the spreading of viruses if not followed. One major and compulsory precaution is covering or protecting the possible contact points like your face, hands, etc. We’ll discuss protective gear or personal protection equipment that will surely protect ourselves during the current situation.


Generally, personal protection equipment is the most highly type of product recommended when it comes to safety and health in the workplace. Virus exposure, illness or injuries unless there is no other way around as using PPE is somewhat discomforting and inconvenient in your daily routine. Not all types of protective gear are suitable in a particular condition. Therefore, it is highly recommended to have some research for suitable protective equipment according to the employee’s daily routine work. Let’s discuss the major types of PPEs.

Personal Protection Equipment Types

Generally, PPEs are categorized according to the body contact it is made for. We’ll discuss major types below;

  1. Breathing Shield:

Face masks are now one of the essentials owing to the current situation. However, it is not recommended to wear face masks all the time. Hence, surgical masks are recommended ones with proper filtration of air. There are many brands nowadays selling a variety of face masks. However, you may use any type of face shield made of comfortable and protective material. 

  1. Safety For The Head:

When it comes to safety, you just cannot ignore the safety of your head, and for that wearing, a head cover PPE as well as a helmet gives ultimate protection and helps you prevent head injuries. You need to select a solid helmet that can be adapted to your current working conditions. However, these days you could easily find many designed helmets with other advanced features, like adjustable interior harnesses and perfect and comfortable sweatbands.

  1. Hands Protection:

Hands are the most exposed contact points in the spread of the virus. Knowingly or unknowingly, we have to come in contact with different surface types like mobile phone screens, lift buttons, door handles, etc. 

Therefore, it is necessary to have an extra protection layer in parallel with hand sanitizers. Surgical or any type of gloves will serve the purpose as we’ll not come in direct contact with the surface. Disposing of the used gloves is critical as our skin might come in contact with the outer surface of the glove. So extra precaution is required while removing gloves.

  1. Eye Protection:

Your eyes are fragile parts of your body, and you need to keep them protected all time. With the current Covid-19 pandemic a good pair of safety glasses is a must. These could help you prevent unforeseen exposure and/or illness. A good fit is important. Snug tight against the crown of the nose and the forehead. Be sure to consider Face Shields as they cover a larger surface area and can prevent exposure from either direction.

  1. Feet Protection:

You need to take care of your feet. Shoes and coverings that leave no exposed areas Safety shoes— type SB, S1, S2, and S3, and boots are the best solution to keep your feet safe against heavyweights. However, the anti skid sole is the ultimate solution when it comes to working in a damp environment. Be sure to consider disposable PPE foot covering as a way to protect against exposure.

Select Equipment Carefully!

PPE or personal protective equipment should be selected, considering all the key safety points after comparing them with other risk control techniques. Be sure to look for reputable sources when searching for equipment and PPE. Consider working with qualified professionals from whom one can seek the guidance of using PPE, and the person should also ensure strict compliance. Key Employees should be guided for proper selection, care, maintenance, life, and the right procedure of disposing of it. 

Necessary evaluation should be made compulsory to judge the effectiveness of the equipment. Employee health and safety should be the priority concern and all necessary equipment, whether face mask gloves or shields should have some standard and approved material.

To summarize, health safety and protection are the right of employees and management to take all necessary steps by acquiring recommended personal protection equipment or enforcing them to arrange and use for their own safety.

Be sure to keep the wellbeing of your employees the focus as you prepare and maintain a healthy workplace. Every step and proactive practices now could be the decisive factor your your workplace health and safety.

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