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Cleaning Wipes: How Do They Help Prevent COVID?

Cleaning Wipes: How Do They Help Prevent COVID?

Since the outbreak of coronavirus pandemic, there have been many changes globally, and the only way to survive this pandemic is by maintaining high levels of hygiene. As much as staying at home is a strategy being implemented to control this pandemic's spread, there is a need to disinfect the surrounding areas in your house.

The first things that come to mind are sanitizing by disinfecting, but there is a more straightforward way of disinfecting many surfaces at home or anywhere, which is the use of cleaning wipes. The virus lasts for long ln metallic surfaces like doorknobs, car doors, counters, toys, computer mouse or keyboards, etc.

The sanitizer can be a piece of enormous luggage, especially when you are going to nearby places, and that's when cleaning wipes come in handy.

To prevent the spread of this virus, you need to practice individual hygiene levels. The hygiene should consider the general cleanliness of surfaces or hands to remove impurities, germs, and dirt.

What Are They Made Of, And How Do They Work?

Some cleaning wipes are alcohol-based, and this makes them useful for killing germs when buying cleaning wipes, go for these wipes.

Disinfecting surfaces lowers the risk of germs spreading from person to person, and in this case, COVID-19 can be controlled through cleaning wipes disinfectants. The general practice of washing hands with a lot of soap and water is the same as using hand sanitizers, and the cleaning wipes serve the same purpose.

Some house areas need frequent disinfection like handles, tables, doorknobs, desks, light switch, toilets, sinks, faucets, or any electronic device like a fridge that is frequently touched on the handle. The cleaning wipes can be used to wipe these surfaces in the house.

One big question during this pandemic is how often do these surfaces need cleaning. For instance, the doorknobs are among the frequently touched surfaces and the remote control of phone screens. After every one hour, wiping such surfaces is recommendable because these surfaces are more prone to trapping germs and causing infections.

Like a keyboard, bathroom, sinks, or toilet surfaces, the other shared components can be cleaned after every usage. That's where personal levels of hygiene come in handy. After touching sensitive surfaces, you can use a cleaning wipe to wash your hands. The general homecare guidelines to mitigate the spread of the virus include using cleaning wipes.

How To Disinfect Surfaces Using Cleaning Wipes Amidst The Pandemic?

  •       When cleaning a filthy surface, use detergents first or soap and pour enough water on the surface. Clean using a cloth and dry using one, then later, a cleaning wipe can be used on the surface. That's how you maximize on cleaning all the germs and dirt on surfaces.

Keep in mind that there are some chemicals you cannot mix, so ensure that you have gone through the instructions on a detergent before using it at home. Combinations of some soaps and detergents may cause reactions or corrode surfaces.

  •       After cleaning up a surface using scented cleaning wipes, it's advisable to open windows or keep the room well ventilated until the surface is dry. Ventilation is necessary before and after cleaning or disinfecting a body at home.

When buying cleaning wipes, ensure that you have read the brand's expiry date because some products may not work effectively, mostly when they stay in the stores for a long time.

After doing your laundry, you can use the cleaning wipes to clean the hanging lines before hanging your clothes to be safe. Germs tend to last on clothes for long, especially when you are in a rented space and you don't know the hygiene levels of other tenants. It's advisable to clean the line before hanging your clothes.

Alcohol-based cleaning wipes are the most influential brands to use for disinfecting surfaces during this pandemic. For instance, electronics are more prone to being exposed to the virus, especially a phone, because you carry it everywhere. Using alcohol-based cleaning wipes, you can quickly get rid of germs.

Also, fridges' surfaces are high-risk contamination points; hence, having cleaning wipes in the kitchen for wiping such surfaces or working areas is vital. A fridge door knob or handle is held by many people in a day, especially at work, and so is the microwave. Such electronics need regular disinfection because they are high-risk contamination points.

Maintaining hygiene is essential during these challenging times of a pandemic; hence having cleaning wipes for the hands is vital. Sometimes you come home feeling exhausted to reach for the sanitizer, which is when cleaning wipes come in handy.

Use cleaning wipes after blowing a nose, sneezing, or coughing to be safe even if you are at home because the germs may get to the hands after using a handkerchief.

  •       When you come into contact with a sick person, and you suspect that the person may have the virus, you can sanitize your hands and use a cleaning wipe.

Always remember to wipe these areas using a cleaning wipe:

  1. The table or dining seats after a meal
  2. All Doorknobs in your house
  3. Working surfaces in the kitchen
  4. Wipe your phone often or tablets
  5. Use cleaning wipes on your remote control.
  6. Clean all the handles in the house especially the one in your toilets flashing system
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