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Proper Hand Soap Usage For All

Proper Hand Soap Usage For All

Proper Hand Soap Usage For All

How Coronavirus Spreads?

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is an infectious disease resulting from a newly discovered virus that has affected the entire global community. It spreads from person to person, from some infected region to another. When an infected person sneezes or coughs, those droplets contain coronavirus and stay in the air for a long time. Then, due to the heavyweight, they fall downward onto surfaces below. When a person touches that surface, the virus then transfers from that surface to hands, and when he reaches his face as we often do, that virus transmits from hands to face and then travels into lungs from the mouth pathway. This virus can be present in the air, on tables, floors, and doorknobs. And many other items that humans come into direct contact.


How can Soap Fight with Coronavirus?

Water can only rinse off dirt, but bacteria and coronavirus are so small that they need mechanical and chemical treatments to be removed. Coronavirus is an RNA virus, and has an outer covering made up of the protein layer. When we wash our hands with Hand Soap thorough scrubbing for consistent 20 seconds, the protein layer dissolves in the water and leaves the virus with damaged RNA cells.  

Water and Soap together do Magic.

Soap is made up of polar and nonpolar groups. Non-polar group of the Soap is insoluble in water; it dissolves all bacteria, coronavirus and dirt with it, while the Polar group of the Soap is soluble in the water, so it takes away the virus and all bacteria along with the dirt. Alcohol is also an essential ingredient in the Soap that can break the oily membrane and has added the benefit of physically removing coronavirus and bacteria from the skin. Scrubbing all parts of your palms and wrists vigorously, with a sudsy lather, is fundamental to locking those invading debris away for good - and washing them down the drain. Soaps have the power to remove all debris, bacteria, coronavirus no matter whether the water is hot or cold.

The proper method of using Hand Soap against Coronavirus

Washing hands with Soap frequently can keep you away from respiratory, infectious, diarrheal and viral diseases like coronavirus. And can stop the spread of corona from person to person. You can assist yourself, and your family lives healthfully via way of means of washing your hands well and frequently, mainly for the duration of those critical instances whilst you are in all likelihood to get and unfold germs.

Below you will find the methods needed to wash your hands properly with Hand Soap to help minimize the risk of virus spread:

  1.     First, wash your palms with smooth water, both warm and cold.
  2.     Take any soap and leather your hands by rubbing with the Soap.  Now scrub your hands entirely for 20 seconds at least.
  3.     Scrub the foam between your fingers, on the palm, behind the hands.
  4.     Use a wasted toothbrush to clean under the nails.
  5.     Rinse your hands with the water

Dry those hands by using a clean towel, tissue paper or air dry them.                                     

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