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School Safety During Covid-19

School Safety During Covid-19

Where no one is safe due to COVID-19, our children could be the most affected ones. So it’s important to understand the importance of school safety during COVID-19. Undoubtedly, schools are an integral part of the infrastructure of our communities and thus play a vital role in supporting our children. Today, this guide is intended to help school administrators to consider the protection, and safety for the students, teachers, and of course, the school staff. 

Necessary PPE during Covid-19 for school safety

Here is a list of essential PPE at school to consider for your children.

  1. Masks:

The kids must wear masks when they go to school in person, and for that, parents are required to help them get the hang of that. Face masks should cover the mouth and nose, and fit snugly under the chin. Kids need to wear the same mask all day except it gets wet.  Masks need to be washed after being worn the whole day. But for students, it’s necessary to change the mask after two days. This will reduce the chances of spreading this virus, and will contribute to the school safety. 

  1. Face Shields:

It’s a face shield which is made of rigid, and clear plastic and can be attached to the headband. This transparent piece can help you cover your face, extend to below your chin. You may have seen face shields on various health care providers, before COVID-19, worn by the dentist. This is the best option for your children against protection. This will help your children stay protected in the classroom while sitting in the same environment. 

  1. Gloves:

The students, teachers, and the other staff need to use gloves. School is the place where we get in contact with so many things. The point is those stuff could have been touched by someone else previously, so to ensure your protection against Covid-19, gloves can aid a lot. 

  1. Soap:

A soap is a powerful agent against killing viruses like Covid-19 because of its multiple action mechanisms. The science behind this is, soap molecules can stab the virus, and so surround it, and trap it, and thus defeat those strong chemical bonds between your skin and the virus. 

  1. Hand Sanitizer:

One of the best ways to prevent the spread of this deadly infection and decrease the risk of getting sick is the use of hand sanitizer. Yes, sanitizing your hands is important before touching anything and so after touching anything. It’s important to use those hand sanitizers which contain 60% of alcohol in the formation. The school authorities must install the booths for hand sanitizers so that students can sanitize their hands properly, and stay protected.

More Ways to Protect Students and Faculty:
Touchless sinks, hand dryers and strategic planning and monitoring of entrance and exit policies are great places for schools to get a step ahead of the virus. 

In the home washable backpacks and lunch boxes should be cleaned regularly and make it easy for the family to maintain. Disposable hand wipes as well may be a great item to include in lunches. Ice packs can be included in lunch boxes so your student does not need to use a shared refrigerator or eat in a cafeteria.

These are some of the required PPEs at schools, and it’s the equal responsibility of both parents and the school authorities to ensure the use of these PPEs. Students should cooperate with parents and schools to maintain a safe environment. It’s our fight against this virus, and we all have to contribute to defeating it.

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