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What Is A KN95 Mask?

What Is A KN95 Mask?

What Is A KN95 Mask?

There’s no expected date for COVID-19 to end, so the demand for a protective mask is extremely important world wide..

When the masks are so in demand, one highly sought after type of mask is the KN95. The KN95 mask is a filtering respirator face mask which is used to prevent pollutant particles from making their way into human airways and to limit exposure.

Quick Facts

  • KN95: it stands for the regulatory standard for filtering facepiece respirators, which are certified in China.
  • The Chinese Government regulates these under regulations

ü  GB2626-2006

ü  GB262-2019

ü  and GB19083-2010

  • These masks provide almost 95% protection against all the harmful particles greater than 0.3 µm in diameter.

What Does KN95 Mean?

It stands for regulatory standards for filtering facepiece respirators. It refers to the perfect design, which ensures filtration efficiency, accurate tight seal, with minimum leakage. However, the requirements for this mask certification are the same as for US N95 filtering facepiece respirators. Both KN95 and K95 offer the same level of filtration.

What Is A KN95 Mask?

It’s a respiratory mask which is Government regulated by the Chinese Government under:

  • GB2626-2006
  • GB262-2019
  • GB19083-2010.

However, these masks have to be available to large quantities to meet the global supply chain needs worldwide.

These masks are regularly used by healthcare professionals across the globe, as these are FDA approved. KN95 masks are specially designed to fit tightly and come with an earloop. The snug fit creates a tighter area of protection as opposed to cloth and tie on masks

What Is the KN95 Made Of?

These are multi-layer masks and feature five-layer protection. These layers are made from top-quality fabric, hot air cotton, and nonwoven fabric. The nonwoven fabric is actually hydrophobic and is droplet-proof. At the same time, the addition of hot air cotton makes it the best lower air velocity. With such a perfect layered construction, these masks work best for filtering germs. It has a 3D foldable design, and super adjustable.

Counterfeit KN95 Mask

Not all the masks and brands available are authentic. You need to check for the counterfeit KN95 mask brands. Here are some top signs;

  •       No markings present on the filtering facepiece respirator mask.
  •       No TC number is labeled on the packaging of KN95.
  •       There should be an FDA logo printed on the box.
  •       The presence of decorative add-ons, like sequins.
  •       The masks are straps for ears, and not for earloops.

How To Test Originality of KN95 Mask?

  •  Flammability: You need to check for its flammability. If this mask is KN95 certified, you should be exposed to a flame, and it should melt but not ignite. The certified masks are made from high-quality and inflammable.
  •  Permeability: If your mask is really certified, then it should limit the airflow. You can test it by blowing out a candle.
  •  Liquid Resistance: If KN95 is certified, it will have a waterproof layer that will prevent fluid passage. You can test its authenticity by pouring some water into a mask. If there is no leakage, then it’s safe to use.

There are many advantages to using the KN95. We hope this has been informative and answered questions you may have. Be sure to reach out if we can assist you with your future KN95 orders and answer  any questions you may have!

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