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AT-HOME OTC COVID TEST KITS Now Available: In-Stock While Supplies Lasts
AT-HOME OTC COVID TEST KITS Now Available: In-Stock While Supplies Lasts


Disinfecting Wipes

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Our disinfectant wipes are antibacterial cleaning wipes by Vax-Van. They come in cases of 6 buckets, each with 500 wipes per bucket. We sell our Vax-Van disinfecting wipes by the individual bucket or by the case of 3,000. Our disinfecting wipes are awaiting approval by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and would after be added to their List N of products which successfully kill the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) when used according to the label directions. 


The quick-drying, Vax-Van antibacterial disinfecting wipes are perfect for cleaning surfaces and disinfecting areas that may be exposed to COVID-19. Help protect against the spread of coronavirus by purchasing our wipes today!


More About Disinfecting Wipes 

Since the outbreak of coronavirus pandemic, there have been many changes globally, and the only way to survive this pandemic is by maintaining high levels of hygiene. As much as staying at home is a strategy being implemented to control this pandemic's spread, there is a need to disinfect the surrounding areas in your house.

The first things that come to mind are sanitizing by disinfecting, but there is a more straightforward way of disinfecting many surfaces at home or anywhere, which is the use of cleaning wipes. The virus lasts for long ln metallic surfaces like doorknobs, car doors, counters, toys, computer mouse or keyboards, etc.

The sanitizer can be a piece of enormous luggage, especially when you are going to nearby places, and that's when disinfecting wipes come in handy.

To prevent the spread of this virus, you need to practice individual hygiene levels. The hygiene should consider the general cleanliness of surfaces or hands to remove impurities, germs, and dirt.